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Complete your Water/ Sewer Utility Agreement*

First, review the Water System Rules and regulations by clicking here (PDF).

Then, complete the Water/Sewer Utility Agreement. You can do this in person or online by clicking here

*If you live in Cascade, Tallmadge or Walker, you'll need to visit your local government office to pay your local permitting fee.

Jessi is ready to help you with your questions.

  • Connection status (eligibility) 
  • Understanding the process
  • Application and permits
  • Financing options
  • Timing and other questions. 

Call Jessi to begin the process, or follow the steps below.

Call a Qualified Contractor to Determine Connection Fees

Get a contractor to survey your water and sewer. Don’t have a contractor? Download a list of contractors here:

Underground Contractors (PDF)

Plumber Contractors (PDF)

Set Up Water Billing

Set up your water and sewer billing with the City of Grand Rapids either in person at City Hall (map) or online here.


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If you live in one of these communities, you are eligible to connect to Public Water and Sewer.

Customer Communities

Tallmadge Charter Township

Wright Township

Request for Information

Request Information

Jessi is ready to help you with your questions about your connection status, (check your eligibility), understanding the process, application and permits, financing options, timing and other questions. Call Jessi to begin the process, or you can follow the steps below.